Good cause eviction

The passage of Good Cause eviction laws eliminate a property owner or operator’s right to serve a non-renewal notice on a resident at the end of the lease term. It would require an owner to "show cause" and obtain a court order to terminate a lease.

NYS Legislature is considering enacting Good Cause Eviction statewide. A couple local governments have enacted this regulation in their cities already (Albany, Ithaca, Hudson, & Newburgh). 

NYS Bills

what we are doing

Under One Roof NY is working with other statewide advocacy groups to manage a statewide effort to fight  ​against Good Cause Eviction.

2022-04-01 - Good Cause Eviction was not included in the NYS budget

2022-01-20 - Launched Good Cause Eviction Task Force

2022-01-07 - UOR worked with other advocacy groups to coordinate messaging for the Senate Public Hearing on Good Cause Eviction.

There is a lawsuit being filed in Albany from local owners over the constitutionality of the legislation. Lawsuit here.

Good cause eviction task force

This Task Force is a designed to coordinate messaging and meetings with upstate lawmakers in order to oppose the adoption of Good Cause Eviction & promote alternatives. Video Explanation of Task Force.

We need volunteers

  • Setup meetings with your local representative

  • Talk to them about the negative effects of Good Cause Eviction

  • Propose alternatives

  • Meet with the rest of the Task Force weekly at 12pm via zoom

  • We will provide you with talking points, best practices, and track our progress across the state