landlord rental assistance program (lrap)

As a result of Under One Roof's Lobbying efforts NYS approved state dollars for this program.

The state funded 225M in funds for Tenants that are not cooperating with ERAP, were ineligible, or left the apartment with an unpaid balance. 


For required documentation, eligibility, application instructions, and FAQ's please visit the OTDA website (below)

LRAP Website Link

4/9/22 - LRAP funded $125M. Press release here.

2/17/2022 - LRAP 75M funded for existing applications. No new applications are being accepted at this time. 

11/21/2021 - LRAP applications closed due to exhausted funding

10/7/2021 - LRAP portal opened for application. 


  1. Landlord Unit Count​ Limit

    • NYS originally had a max unit count for landlord applicants of 10.

    • UOR was able to remove that restriction.

  2. Eviction Protection for Non-payment

    • NYS originally desired to build in 12 months of eviction protection after payment of aid. 

    • UOR had that removed, you may evict for non-payment if the tenant stops paying after receipt of aid. You may NOT evict for non-payment for months covered by the assistance. 

  3. Region based funding

    • Carved out funding set aside by region for the first 30 days to let upstate regions have access to money for first 30 days before larger downstate organizations can access it. ​

    • After first 30 days it's all in one pool for access by anyone.

  4. Application for former tenants

    • $100 Million was set aside for a Landlord Hardship Fund so landlords may apply for arrears for tenants who have departed the unit with a balance. (e.g. Tenant owed 5 months rent and left in November 2020, you would be able to apply for that rent even though the tenant no longer lives in your apartment, and you have no contact with him/her) 

    • As of 6/1/21 this has yet to be rolled out but it is expected to come out once OTDA determines how to administer the funds. 


  1. Landlords can applywith no tenant participation

    • Landlords do not need the cooperation of their tenants for the application. 

  2. Eligibility​​

    • Tenants that left with an unpaid balance

    • Tenants that will not cooperate, or are ineligible, with ERAP

  3. When will money flow?

    • ​After first 30 days elapses then checks will begin to go out. Expect mid-late November